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Jobs after MBA Abroad: How to Get Job Opportunities Abroad After MBA

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Pursuing an MBA program from top study abroad destinations like the USA, UK, etc is the most in demand choice for international students across the world. Having an MBA degree abroad can create a way to a career of endless possibilities. According to a survey respondents, the demand of MBA professionals by the technology industry is going to increase by 10 percent in the year 2022 as compensation to last year 2020.

Apart from the jobs after MBA abroad, an MBA degree can equip you with the right management and leadership skills that can be used in upgrading your career opportunities. Here in this blog we have discussed the salary and the job opportunities after MBA in abroad along with the top recruiters and some tips that can be helpful to you in finding the best jobs abroad after MBA.

  Table of Contents:

  1. Job Opportunities After MBA Abroad
  2. Top Recruiters in Abroad for MBA Graduates 
  3. How to Hunt for a Job after MBA in Abroad 
  4. Top Paying Jobs in Abroad after MBA 
  5. ROI of Top Abroad B-Schools
  6. Frequently Asked Questions about Job Opportunities after MBA in Abroad

Job Opportunities After MBA Abroad

International Students prefer to get into Top Business Schools across the world for their MBA studies as there is a higher chance of getting jobs for MBA graduates abroad. Popular business schools abroad come with high employability rates with graduates being employed with promising career prospects.

Hence, the jobs after MBA abroad are available in abundance and are highly dependent on the specialisations or courses you have studied. The salary of an MBA in abroad ranges between 85,000 USD to 135,000 USD per annum based on the country and the specialisation.

Below are some of the jobs abroad after MBA along with their average salary:

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary

General Manager

78,900 USD

Business Development Manager    

83,119 USD

Project Manager

88,727 USD

Strategy Manager

107,706 USD

Marketing Manager

96,194 USD

Operations Manager

78,676 USD

Now that we know about some of the popular jobs after MBA in abroad along with their average salary. Let's discuss some of the top recruiters abroad offering jobs after MBA abroad.

Top Recruiters in Abroad for MBA Graduates

MBA Graduates from top business schools of the popular study destinations are highly sought after by recruiters across the world. A survey by the Graduate Management Admissions Council suggested that the percentage of hiring of MBA graduates will increase by a decent percentage in 2022 across the world. Some of the top recruiters offering foreign jobs after MBA include.

  • McKinsey
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • The Parthenon Group
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan & Chase
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Unilever
  • Procter & Gamble

How to Hunt for a Job after MBA in Abroad

If you have completed your MBA studies and are planning to settle abroad, you must start your preparations as early as possible. Here we have discussed some of the important tips that will you in cracking job opportunities abroad after MBA.

  • Networking: While Studying an MBA abroad, you will come across different types of students from different parts of the world. Try to connect with them and engage in productive discussions about jobs and career. This is the best way to collect information and ideas for your MBA jobs. You may also have to build a great bonding with your university professor. Their knowledge and experience will definitely help you in your career and life after graduation.
  • Internships: Doing an internship while studying MBA will also play a significant role in your career giving you a practical experience of jobs. This gives you an opportunity to get information about the industry and how to become a part of it. It also helps in building personal networking too.
  • Outstanding Academic: Having great academic achievements is also a crucial factor in taking you a long way in life. Getting high academic scores and knowledge paves the way for achieving your dream jobs. The scores are mostly the first thing noticed by the recruiters.
  • Up-to-date CV: Resume is also a good way of showing your capabilities to companies. Make sure you have a convincing resume showing your academic or professional achievements, skills, and work experience etc.
  • Job Sites: Job Sites are also a key element that offers you a platform to explore, connect and collect information related to the available job vacancies, the recruiters and job positions.

Therefore, we know about how international students can find jobs after MBA in abroad. Let's look at the top paying jobs after MBA abroad jobs.

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Top MBA Jobs in Abroad with Salary 

The jobs for MBA graduates abroad have a lot to do with your specialisation and the university you choose. Here we have discussed the top 5 specialisations for MBA abroad along with the possible opportunities available after MBA abroad jobs.

Information Technology

This is one of the highest paying MBA jobs across the world. Pursuing an MBA in Information Technology equips you with the skills that I'd require in the business to manage the IT systems and the human resource. This is the combination of traditional business knowledge with information security, project management, telecommunications and many more. Here we have listed some popular jobs of Information Technology sector after MBA

Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Information Technology Manager

86,140 USD

IT Services Manager

93,780 USD

IT Business Analyst

70,644 USD

Business Analytics

Business Analytics offers the top paying jobs for MBA graduates in the present time. This is all about the systematic analytics of data to reach upto a valid conclusions and decisions of the company. The job responsibilities of a business analyst is to lead the data driven analysis, creating analytic models, etc. Some of the job title under this category in abroad are given below.

Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Business Systems Analyst

85,701 USD

Business Strategist Analyst

94,559 USD

Business Application Analyst

72,460 USD


Finance is another one of the popular and top paid specialisation across the world. This offers a rewarding career to students in some of the major sectors such as international finance, taxation, insurance, wealth management etc. It also offers an opportunity to work as a financial advisor and financial planner in some top ventures. Some of the top paying finance jobs after MBA abroad are given below.

Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Finance Analyst

70,667 USD

Finance Consulting Manager

70,000 USD

Financial Management Associate

62,673 USD


Marketing is also considered a popular degree among students who want to study business along with knowledge of the marketing side. This will provide the knowledge of consumer behaviour thoroughly and comes with the products which most of the people want to buy.

Pursuing this will help you in learning about how to create, communicate and deliver certain values for fulfilling the target market and earn profits from them. Popular jobs for marketing students along with their average salary are given below.

Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Marketing Manager

96,194 USD

Business Intelligence Manager

90,381 USD

Client Success Specialist



Economics is also one of the most considered specialisations across the world. The role of an economist is to collect and analyse the data, trends and the evaluation of economic issues for resources, goods and services. This offers you to work in areas such as operations research, information science, econometrics, business intelligence and many more. Some of the job title under this category in abroad are given below

Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Economic Development Analyst

60,819 USD

Research Economist

84,562 USD

Economic Analyst

74,648 USD

Now that you know about the different types of MBA jobs along with their job titles abroad, let's have a look at the return on investment of pursuing an MBA from top business schools abroad.

ROI of Top Abroad B-Schools

MBA abroad is one of the great investments one can make for their future. Therefore, it is a wise decision to look into the return on investment beforehand. The biggest thing you have to make in your MBA journey is the tuition fees. After that you have to spend some secondary costs that include some direct and indirect expenses such as accommodation, food, study materials, transportation, personal expenditure and many more.

The average cost of pursuing an MBA abroad is between 20,000 USD to 117,500 USD depending upon the country. Compared to that, the salary after doing an MBA from abroad is around 95,000 USD per annum. That shows that once you get after MBA foreign jobs you can easily cover an entire year of tuition fees of your career. So, it is definitely a rewarding ROI.

Some of the points you must keep in your mind before investing in your MBA studies are

  • Pursuing an MBA from abroad is a long term investment. No doubt it will give you a rewarding future but you can expect it immediately after completing MBA studies.
  • With years and experiences you will step in the ladder of management and get rise into the top managerial positions of the company.
  • The job opportunities after MBA in abroad also depend on how important your sector is. For example, an MBA in Finance or Marketing can land you jobs in top firms.
  • Make sure you keep in mind that your starting salary of MBA in abroad is not that great in the first few years but with experience it will take only a spoonful of years to recover the initial investments.

Popular Study Abroad Destinations such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia are among the best countries to study an MBA program abroad. Jobs for MBA graduates abroad offer you the best salary in comparison to other degrees. Do check out our MBA Abroad guide to get a better idea of the scope and importance of mba abroad. For further assistance and guidance, get in touch with our Yocket Professionals now.

Frequently Asked Questions about Job Opportunities after MBA in Abroad

Ques. Can I get a job after MBA abroad?

Ans. Most of the mba graduates prefer to work after MBA foreign jobs if the particular country is offering a post study work visa. However, those who won't be able to get the work visa will have to come to their home country to get a job.

Ques. What is the salary after MBA in foreign?

Ans. The average salary one can get after completing an MBA from abroad universities is around 100,000 USD annually.

Ques. What are the top B-Schools offering the highest salary after graduation?

Ans. Business schools offering highest salary for their graduates includes

  • Graduate School of Business: 152,503 USD
  • The Wharton School: 150,000 USD
  • Harvard Business School: 148,750 USD
  • Simon Business School: 142,000 USD

Ques. What are the Highest Paying MBA Specialisations Abroad?

Ans. Some of the Highest Paying MBA Specialisations in Abroad are

  • Business Analytics
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economics

Ques. Is it worth studying for an Executive MBA in Abroad?

Ans. An executive MBA abroad is worth pursuing if you are looking for a salary increment. With an EMBA degree from the top business schools of popular study destinations will bag you one of the best salaries across the top specialization. The average salary of an Executive MBA graduate is around 145,000 USD per year.

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