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Profile Building For MBA Abroad: How to Build Profile for MBA Abroad?

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Masters of Business Administration is a pinnacle of graduate studies that enhances and expands your business, management and leadership skills. Pursuing these prestigious degrees from Top B-Schools is attributed with a number of factors, including the diligence and expectations of the program, strict admission requirements and great career opportunities. For successful MBA applications abroad, it is important for you to have something unique in your MBA profile.

Having something unique in your profile for mba will stick in the minds of the admission officials in your application. So if you are one among those who has a great academic record but fails to build a good profile, this read particularly focuses on how to build a profile for MBA. This blog will help give detailed information about the profile building for mba and will help you stay ahead of your competitors! 

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What is Profile Building For MBA?

Before knowing how to build your profile for MBA, let us help you understand what exactly is profile building for MBA freshers. A profile building for MBA is an activity that you can use to highlight your expertise, skills and achievements for the program. This plays an important role in enhancing your career aspects. According to Layman's definition “The combination of the series of achievements one can achieve from their matriculation to till date which can be used in boosting the career prospects" is known as profile building.

A proper planning and execution are the key elements in building a good profile for MBA abroad, that will help you in standing ahead from the competitors. Building a profile at an early stage of learning can boost your confidence, personality, credibility and presentation skills which is highly effective in your graduation. Profile building for MBA freshers also plays an important role in seeking career opportunities.

How pursuing MBA abroad will help your career?

As we understand the meaning of profile building, let's discuss how a good MBA profile can increase your chances of admission at top business schools.

How a Good MBA Profile Will Increase the Chances of Admissions?

Now, how to build a profile for MBA? Having a good profile with some extracurricular achievements, records, and additional degrees can help in enhancing your application. Every year a lot of students applied for admissions in universities, with a bulk of applications the officials always set some criteria for students to be eligible.

Adding some additional documents like LORs, Resume etc along with extracurricular achievements can help in standing apart from the applications. Some documents that can give you an edge in your MBA applications process includes

  • Well Drafted Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • A Convincing Resume

Let us know about each of these components and help you understand how to build your profile for MBA: 

Well Drafted Statement of Purpose

Most of the MBA universities have suggested that academic records and test scores talk less about the skills and abilities of a student. Thus, they rely on the information given on the statement of purpose for an MBA abroad. A well written SOP outlines the abilities such as teamwork, drive, intellectual, interpersonal skills, etc that will likely ace you in the admission race.

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Letter of Recommendation

Having at least two or three recommendation letters in your profile for mba can support your admission applications. Two most important integrated factors that are considered on your profile consist of the recommender portfolio and the weightiness of the letter.

The important part of a letter written by a recommender which has directly gone through your previous work in their organisations. An advantage to this comes when the recommender of your letter is positioned in a high job role in the company.

A Convincing Resume

Convincing can also be a key element in your MBA profile building as it distinguishes you from the crowd. Getting into an MBA abroad with a resume which can showcase your educational and work history, goals, skills can help you in standing out. An added bonus comes when you have a cover letter with a resume that focuses on how your skills can be an asset for the university.

If you are still wondering how to build a good profile for an MBA, let's take a brief overview on the step by step guide how to build a good profile for MBA.

Steps For Building an Impressive Profile for MBA Abroad

Although there are plenty of documents that are required to submit in the mba applications, it is not the only one that can determine whether you can get admission at your desired program and university. Apart from a good academic record and good test scores, an aspirant must not ignore in building a good mba profile. Aspirants can also pursue some certification to improve their MBA profile.

Some of the top B-Schools enrolled students based on their composite score or their average marks in the exam. These have been prepared depending upon the test scores, work scores, certificate courses, additional degrees, extracurricular activities and many more. Here we have discussed some points that you must consider in your MBA profile building.

1. Internships 

Doing an internship in an organisation will give you an edge over other aspirants as it can showcase your virtues of responsibility, team work, and time management. This plays a crucial role in polishing your knowledge and enriching your professional career before getting into a proper job. 

Working in a professional environment can help in improving communication skills. Experience you have gained during the internship will help in acing the interview round of the admission. It also gives you a chance in obtaining a LOR from your employer.

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2. Certificate Courses

Pursuing a certificate course in your interested subject can help you in developing a particular skill. This will give an additional advantage to the freshers or those who don't have a job. You can either take some offline classes or take online courses on websites like edx and Udemy. For example, if you are looking to pursue an MBA in Finance or Accounting, then doing online certificate courses in excel, financial planner etc will help in building a profile.

3. Start-Up Experience

Working in a startup will offer you immense opportunities to learn about several aspects of businesses such as marketing, services, sales, customer support etc. If you have experiences in working for a startup you have the ability of taking risks, working in an unconditional environment and many more. Even if you are unable to get a full time role in a startup, you also have the option to work as a part time or an intern in the startup. 

4. Volunteer Work

Volunteering for an NGO or a community will help you in sharpening your social skills and leadership qualities. This also provides you an opportunity to network with people. It also offers you a stage to show that you have a viewpoint beyond your professional work. Working with NGOs can gain you knowledge and confidence, to improve your personality as well as improve your communication skills. This will reflect the candidate's selflessness and ethics, along with the qualities that can add an extra point in your profile for MBA admission.

5. Learn a New Language

Although you have a good command of the English language, learning a new language like French, German, Spanish etc will stand you out in the applications, as most business schools are increasingly focused on the diversity in their classrooms. Apart from this, having a new language can also attract many well paid multinational ventures and become an asset for them.

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6. Leadership Skills

Having leadership qualities that you can show and the ability to manage people's budget or project is also a key aspect in the profile. One of the major reasons for studying an MBA program is to get a management position in the companies. By showing such qualities in leadership, you already have taken a step in your MBA journey.

7. Attend Conferences

Making sure to attend at least one conference related to your field and interest prior to your applications can help you in getting much information about the industrial work like how it works, what is new in the market etc. This will enhance your networking skills to interact with the successful speakers and masters of trade. Apart from this you gain a broader perspective that you can write in your profile and talk about in the interview.

8. Alumni Search

Start searching for the university's alumni as they can give you a better idea about the school's strength whether it is aligned with your interest and goals. Connecting with alumni can help you in getting information about the university application process and the insights about the attributes a school looks for in an applicant.

Now that you know about the steps that you must follow before starting your application process. Let's discuss the top MBA universities abroad.

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Top MBA Universities Abroad For Admission

There are a range of MBA Universities Abroad that offer a number of programs in their business schools. Apart from the basic eligibility documents like GPA, Test Scores, Essays, etc, top business schools look for some other qualities in applicants to offer admission to MBA programs. Here we have listed a range of MBA universities abroad along with their some selection criteria during evaluation process.


Program Fees

Stanford University - Stanford Graduate School of Business

153,900 USD

Harvard University - Harvard Business School

146,880 USD

HEC Paris

72,500 EUR

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (Sloan)

160,800 USD

London Business School

97,500 EUR 


114,000 EUR 

Columbia Business School

154,752 USD

IESE Business School

93,500 EUR 

UC Berkeley - Haas Business School

143,634 USD

Oxford University - Said Business School

65,520 EUR 

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Selection criteria of the Universities mentioned above can differ and is as follows: 

  • Professional References
  • Application Essays
  • One-Page CV
  • Work Experience
  • Applicants Activities & Interests
  • Awards & Honours Received
  • Demonstrated Leadership Potential
  • Personal Qualities & Contributions
  • Intellectual Vitality
  • Analytical Aptitude and Appetite
  • Engaged Community Citizenship
  • Interview 

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Tips for Building Profile for MBA

Precisely targeting the right points, can definitely get you at a B-school of your choice. Given below are some tips on profile building for MBA freshers, that can help you ace all you want: 

  1. Always do an in-depth research on the class profile of your target B-school. 
  2. Get a firm grip on your public speaking skills, and communication skills.
  3. Get great scores on specifically the GMAT verbal score.
  4. Your command of the English language should be top-notch.
  5. Demonstrate leadership skills.
  6. Work in a start-up or have your own start-up; to get an edge over other applicants in terms of co-curriculars. 

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Hope that this blog was helpful for you and has given you a clear picture about MBA profile building and how to improve profile for MBA abroad. However, if you still have any queries regarding anything about Profile Building you can connect with our Yocket Professionals that can assist you in building a convincing profile for MBA admission abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions of Profile Building For MBA Abroad

Ques. How important is profile building?

Ans. Profile Building is an activity through which an individual can introspect and bring out his capabilities and strengths within, making oneself aware of his inner self and becoming more confident that can help you in facing the outside world.

Ques. How can I make my CV strong for MBA?

Ans. To make a strong CV for MBA admission. 

  • Keep it Concise
  • Make Sure Your Accomplishments Reflect Leadership
  • Avoid a raining list of activities.
  • Highlights your soft skills.
  • Add values in every sections 

Ques. Can I add GMAT or GRE scores in MBA applications?

Ans. Yes, you can definitely add these test scores in your application documents for MBA. Since it is not mandatory for some universities, adding it can separate you from competitors.

Ques. Are ELP Test scores mandatory in MBA Applications?

Ans. IELTS and TOEFL are the most popular ELP test scores that are necessary for international students to submit in their MBA application form. However, to get enrolled at the German Universities, submitting the German Language Proficiency Test is also recommended.

Ques. Which profile is best for an MBA?

Ans. A strong MBA profile consists of good academic records, achievements, test scores, resume, SOP etc. Apart from this a best one may also includes 

  • Work Experience
  • Certificate Courses
  • Internship
  • Startup Experience
  • Volunteer Work with NGOs
  • Learn a New Language
  • Attend Conferences.

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