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10 Top Reasons to Study Abroad: Why to Study Abroad?

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A lot of students these days are flying to uniquely distinct destinations around the world to study abroad. A world class education, along with numerous job opportunities and unimaginable experiences are some of the many factors which attract students across international boundaries. But have you ever wondered why Indian students go abroad to study in such high numbers? How does an international setting pave the way for one’s success? And, most importantly, why you should study abroad as a study abroad aspirant! 

Keep reading as we will make you acquainted with some of the best reasons to study abroad! 

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad 

Even after the prevalence of COVID-19, it is astounding to see an alarming number of students willing to study abroad. Reasons to study overseas are countless, and so powerful that you might want to study abroad yourself! Don’t believe us? 

Let's find out why Indian students go abroad to study in such high numbers: 

  • To experience a culture shift 
  • For the sake of CV
  • Exemplary education system 
  • Excellent industrial opportunities
  • Meeting new people 
  • To travel internationally
  • Get a global mindset 
  • Live the challenging life 
  • Brush up your skills 
  • Become independent

Let us now straightaway move forward to know about each of these top reasons to study abroad briefly: 

  1. To experience a culture shift: One of the most beautiful reasons to study abroad is to experience a variety of cultures, and traditions. As an international student, visiting countries with different cultures will definitely give you an unimaginable experience! 
  2. For the sake of CV: Many study abroad aspirants visit countries abroad to make their CVs and resumes “fancy”. It has been observed that employers usually glorify foreign degrees, and often end up paying more to an education from valuable colleges abroad! 
  3. Exemplary education system: This particular reason is one of the most common academic reasons to study abroad. A majority of Indian students get attracted by the distinct, excellent and technologically advanced educational experience that foreign universities have to offer. 
  4. Excellent industrial opportunities: One of the highly chosen reasons to study overseas, an excellent career growth is what attracts most Indian students to study abroad. Be it the high paying jobs, industrial exposure or advanced sectors, students see studying abroad as a gateway to a brighter future! 
  5. Meeting new people: For many study abroad aspirants, one of the highly driving factors for an international education is making new friends, and meeting people from across the world, from different cultures altogether! 
  6. To travel internationally: One of the most attractive reasons to study abroad is travelling to nearby places and countries. For instance, if you are willing to study in the UK, you can easily put your travel shoes on and visit nearby countries like France, Spain, Ireland, etc! 
  7. Get a global mindset: Meeting new people from across international boundaries, and experiencing different cultures, industries, will definitely mould you into a global citizen. And directly get a global mindset, to look at things from a different perspective! 
  8. Live the challenging life: Studying abroad is no less than a challenge. Getting groceries on your own, washing clothes, choosing and paying for your rental apartment are little things that will make your study abroad experience challenging yet worth celebrating! 
  9. Brush up your skills: By studying in an international environment, you’ll by every means brush up on both of your social and academic skills. Studying in developed countries, and being a part of high profile clubs will undoubtedly make you get hold of exemplary leadership and societal skills among others. 
  10. Become independent: Last but not the least, studying abroad will make you feel you are at the top of your game, and make you independent. The study abroad experience will definitely help you become a fine and new human being! 

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Studying in an international setting is filled with challenges and perks of its own. But studying abroad will definitely help you create a unique version of yourself! Now that you have the answers to - “Why to study abroad?”, it's about time to search and look for the most suitable university and a study abroad destination for yourself! You can connect with our Yocket Counsellors to get any more study abroad information that you require! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Reasons to Study Abroad

Ques. What are the top reasons to study abroad? 

Ans. Top reasons to study abroad are: 

  • To experience new cultures 
  • Connecting with new people 
  • Experiencing an exemplary education
  • Being independent 
  • Getting hold of excellent employment opportunities 

Ques. What are the best countries to study abroad? 

Ans. Some of the best countries to study abroad are: 

  • US 
  • UK 
  • Canada 
  • Germany 
  • Australia 
  • New Zealand 
  • Ireland 

Ques. What are the best universities to study abroad in the UK?

Ans. Some of the best universities to study in the UK are: 

Ques. What are the best universities to study in the US? 

Ans. Some of the best universities to study in the US are: 

Ques. What are the advantages of studying abroad? 

Ans. Some advantages of studying abroad are: 

  • Cultural experience 
  • High standard of education and living 
  • Connecting with people around the world 

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