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SOP for MS in Computer Science in USA: How to Write Statement of Purpose for MS in Computer Science in USA

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As per the QS World University Rankings 2023, the top two universities to pursue an MS in computer science—Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1) and Standford University (3)—are in the USA. This ranking clearly states the global importance of US universities due to their prolonged quality education, flexible curriculum, strong academic system, internship/job opportunities, and experience. But is it easy to enrol in a USA university? No. The selection and admission process of US universities has become way more challenging. The universities ask for documents like SOP for MS in computer science in USA, LORs, CV/Resume, GMAT/GRE scores, etc.

However, in this article we will focus on the process and a few guidelines to draft a sample SOP for MS in computer science in USA. Let’s begin!

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What to Include in an SOP for MS in Computer Science in USA?

SOP for MS in computer science in USA is a 500-1000 words academic/professional essay that demonstrates your interest in a particular course, the role it will play in your career, and your achievements/skills to the admissions committee. It will be the most crucial document in your MS in computer science admission process.

Let’s check what a student must include in their sample SOP for MS in computer science in USA.

  • The reason to choose the program: MS in computer science include various fundamental concepts on computer software, hardware, and theory to learn. The universities select only candidates with a logical and methodological approach while dealing with a problem. Therefore, in your SOP for MS in computer science in USA, explain in detail why you choose this program.
  • Long-term/short-term Goals: An SOP for masters in computer science in USA must include your long-term and short-term career goals, how this program will help you attain them, your plans after completing the course, etc. It is advised to showcase your interest in returning to your home country after pursuing the CS course.
  • Research about the program/university: All computer science universities have different curricula and admission requirements for the applicants. Therefore, visit the official university website for the SOP updates and explain how the particular university will support your long-term plan. Besides, consider writing a separate sample SOP for MS in computer science in USA for each university.

Other than this, a student must cover the following pointers in their SOP samples for MS in CS program, USA.

  • Information that sets you apart from the other applicants
  • Your accomplishments in professional life
  • How your admission will be fruitful for the community
  • Any projects/internships/jobs experiences
  • Any setbacks/failures that you have overcome
  • Understanding of the university and faculty
  • Facts provided in the SOP and the other documents must comply with each other
  • Extracurricular activities (if any)

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Next, let’s check the guideline for writing an SOP for MS in computer science in USA.

Guidelines to Write an SOP for Masters in Computer Science in USA

A well-written SOP can lessen your weaknesses and convince the US admissions committee that you are a perfect candidate for the applied CS course. Let’s look at the structure to follow while writing an SOP for MS in computer science USA.

  • Paragraph 1: In the introduction, you must explain your course choice and related goals.
  • Paragraph 2: In this paragraph, you have to explain your academic background, projects you have worked on, and achievements.
  • Paragraph 3: In this paragraph, you must explain your professional experiences or internships.
  • Paragraph 4: In this paragraph, explain your career goals and reasons for selecting the university/course.
  • Paragraph 5: End with an inspirational conclusion, showcasing your confidence as a university student, how the course will benefit you, and what your contributions will be to the university.

Next, let’s check the guidelines to keep in mind while writing an SOP for MS in computer science:

  • Explain each quality and skill in your statement of purpose for MS in CS, USA, using an example or anecdote. This will communicate the crux effectively to the admissions committee.
  • Ensure that the information written on your resume should not be presented in the SOP in chronological order. Instead, include distinct and unique information.
  • Include in detail your passion, interests, challenges, strengths, etc.
  • Your SOP for MS in computer science must depict your personality traits.
  • Include only the critical events of your life and leave the regular ones.
  • Avoid misinterpretation and exaggeration of information as admission counsellors are smart enough to detect the loopholes.
  • Ensure that there are no grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Write simple sentences without using jargon.

Further, let’s check the SOP for MS in computer science in USA requirements of the most renowned computer science universities in the USA.

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University Requirements of SOP for MS in Computer Science

Following is the list of top universities in the USA along with their SOP requirements for computer science courses. Let’s get started!

University Name

SOP for MBA in US Requirements


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1 SOP of 300 words

Must include examples

Stanford University

2 SOPs of 600 and 400 words

Double space formatting

Should be uploaded as one document

University of California, Berkeley

2 SOPs of 300 words

Can add supplemental information in the application process

Carnegie Mellon University

2 SOPs

Demonstrate why do desired the program(s), your familiarity with the goals of the program, and your interest in the program.

Harvard University

1 SOP of 1500 words

Answer the question: What more would you like us to know about your candidacy?

Princeton University

1 SOP of 1000 words

Mention your academic background

University of Washington

1 SOP of 650 words

1 short question response of 300 words

Additional information of 200 words

Write the pointers like it matters a lot.

University of California, Los Angeles

1 SOP of 500 words

A 500-word personal history statement may also be asked by the university for CS candidates.

Columbia University

1 SOP of 1000 words

Academic history

Career Goals

Preparation for the course

Cornell University


Reason to choose the program


Future Goals

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Now you know the top CS universities in the USA for pursuing masters and their SOP requirements. It is advised to check the university websites for the latest updates. But if you still get confused at any step or need end-to-end expert advice, choose Yocket premium. Our cooperative and well-trained counsellors will help you achieve your study abroad dream successfully!

Frequently Asked Questions on Statement of Purpose for MS in Computer Science in USA

Ques. What mistakes should a student avoid while writing an SOP for USA?

Ans. You can avoid the following mistakes while drafting an SOP:

  • Don’t begin the writing at the last moment
  • Don’t use informal language
  • Don’t write a weak introduction and conclusion
  • Don’t avoid taking a second opinion

Ques. Can we make changes in an SOP after the submission?

Ans. Yes. If a student has submitted the SOP through an electronic application, they can make changes to the SOP in the supplementary section even after upload.

 Ques. Do universities verify an SOP?

Ans. Since an SOP includes your academic and professional information, achievements, and projects you have worked on; therefore, the admissions committee can get it verified.

Ques. What should you avoid in an SOP at any cost?

Ans. A student should avoid using controversial statements and strong opinions in their SOP, unless they are directly related to the computer science course or any other.

Ques. Can we copy an SOP?

Ans. Don’t copy your SOP or any particular section in it. As plagiarised SOPs can directly get rejected by the admissions committee.

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