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Top 20 Business Schools in the World: Know Top MBA Colleges in the World

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One of the most crucial steps to start your journey in the field of an MBA, is choosing the right business school. While the tuition component of some of the best MBA colleges in the world can be hefty, the return on investment is definitely at par, and sometimes, even higher! Top MBA colleges in the world will offer you umpteen number of benefits including a high ROI, variety of specializations to choose from, a global community, and also keep you updated on the international business standards.

So let's get started and take you through the best management colleges in the world, along with all the relevant details!

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Factors Considered while Ranking B-Schools

This year, 280 business schools were ranked, in 45 recognised study abroad destinations, on the basis of some competitive indicators like employability rates, average salary of graduates, class profile, etc. So what is it that makes some management schools stand out from others? Let us make you aware about the benefits of pursuing MBA abroad: 

  • Employability: Employability is measured through the QS Global Employer Survey, wherein some of the best recruiters fill a survey to choose their favourite B-schools, to choose students from. Some employers who take part in this survey are Facebook, Uber, Google, Bank of America, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship and Alumni Outcomes: Alumni Outcomes Index is used to analyze B-schools with more than 50,000 CEOs, at some of the greatest companies in the world including Apple, PepsiCo, JPMorgan Chase, etc. the entrepreneurship criteria, on the other hand, is reported by B-schools themselves, and definitely considered of an utmost importance.
  • Return on Investment: An extensive research on ROI is done, in order to come up with schools offering the best return on investment. Salaries before pursuing MBA are compared with the post MBA salaries. Also, the ROI considered is one of 10- years.
  • Thought leadership: This parameter is used to measure the reputation of the best B-schools across the world. Business school nominations, research impacts, and faculty with PhD degrees are some aspects considered while ranking according to this particular factor.
  • Class and Faculty Diversity: Percentage of women, percentage of nationalities, percentage of international faculty, and percentage women in business school faculty, are some parameters that are considered to be of the utmost importance while ranking some of the top MBA colleges in the world.

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Top 20 B-Schools in the World

Let us now make you acquainted with the top 20 business schools in the world:


University/ B-School

QS Global MBA Rankings 2022

Average Tuition Fee for International Students


Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford


119,964 USD/ year


Harvard Business School, Boston


73,440 USD/ year


Penn (Wharton), Philadelphia


83,230 USD/ year


HEC Paris, Jouy En Josas


78,000 EUR/ year


MIT (Sloan), Cambridge


82,250 USD/ year


London Business School, London


97,500 EUR/ year


IE Business School, Spain


72,200 EUR/ year


INSEAD, Paris, Singapore, France


91,000 EUR/ year


Columbia Business School, New York


77,376 USD/ year


IESE Business School


93,500 EUR/ year


UC Berkeley (Haas), Berkeley


71,817 USD/ year


Chicago Booth, Chicago


74,919 USD/ year


Esade Business School, Barcelona


73,800 EUR/ year


Said Business School, Oxford


65,520 GBP/ year


UCLA (Anderson), Los Angeles


70,368 USD/ year


Northwestern (Kellogg), Evanston


76,368 USD/ year


Cambridge (Judge), Cambridge


61,000 EUR/ year


Yale School of Management, New Haven


100,000 USD/ year


NYU (Stern), New York


54,765 USD/ year


Michigan (Ross), Ann Arbor


72,114 USD/ year

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As an international student, you should be aware that pursuing an MBA abroad will cost you somewhere around 50,000 USD t0 100,000 USD per annum, depending on the program and university you choose. Also, admissions at the best MBA colleges in world for Indian students can be a tad bit difficult and competitive, but you can definitely get selected provided you are aware of exams and eligibility to study MBA abroad, demonstrate the required skills, and have a good amount of prior work experience!

Frequently Asked Questions about Top MBA Colleges in the World

Ques. What are the top business schools in the world?

Ans. Some of the best MBA colleges in the world are:

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Harvard Business School
  • The Wharton School
  • HEC Paris
  • MIT Sloan School of Management

Ques. What are some factors considered while ranking the top B-schools in the world?

Ans. Some factors which are considered while ranking the best B-schools across the globe are:

  • Employability rate
  • Return on investment
  • Entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes
  • Thought leadership
  • Diversity

Ques. What are the highest paying specializations in MBA?

Ans. Some top paying specializations in MBA are:

  • Financial services
  • Consulting
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Consumer packaged goods

Ques. What is the average MBA tuition fees for various countries?

Ans. The average MBA tuition fees for various countries are:

  • US-35,000 EUR/ year
  • UK-20,000 EUR/ year
  • Australia- 17,000 EUR/ year
  • Canada- 25,000 EUR/ year
  • Singapore- 35,000 EUR/ year
  • Spain- 20,000 EUR/ year

Ques. Why should I study MBA abroad?

Ans. Some benefits of studying MBA abroad are:

  • Set up an international business
  • Make a global network
  • Experience world-class academic facilities
  • Get hold of a high ROI
  • Experience the global market on a whole
  • Get top paying jobs across the globe

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